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Here at Nicholson Roofing, we value the community we work in.  We think it is important to contribute to our local community. 

  • We are happy to do roof inspections, at no cost for those in our local community
  • We are also happy to give general roof advice to all home owners


Phone us to discuss your needs and we can arrange a time to talk to you properly, either by phone or in person.

About a Roof Inspection

An inspection for a standard 2 to 3 bedroom terrace house usually takes 15 to 30 minutes. We will then have a quick chat with you about what we've seen. 

Unless you world like your loft inspecting (which we are happy to do), where is no need for us to come into your house. 

It is usually Stevie who carries out roof inspections. His picture is on our Welcome page. Stevie is very friendly and he doesn’t need tea or biscuits. 


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