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Here at Nicholson Roofing we do things a bit differently. We don't over-price jobs and we don't do work that doesn't need doing. 

You see, we want to fix your roof problems at a good price and we want to do a seriously good job. This is what makes us happy people. Also, by doing exceptional work, maybe you'll tell your friends about us and then we can work on their roofs. Everyone wins! This is how we do all this:


  • Nicholson Roofing do not have salespeople. We don't go on sales skills courses. We believe in honest pricing. A roofer will visit to look at your roof and give an quote.

  • We give quotes for the work that needs doing now, at a good price. No nonsense, you want work doing and we want to do it!

  • We'll show you digital photos of your roof, so you can see what we're quoting for. We do know that not everyone is a roof expert!

  • Note that if we notice work that will need doing in the future, we'll mention it to you. We won't automatically include it in the quote. We will only include it if you ask us to.

  • We use quality materials, and do things properly. This means that our roofs, and all other work, is made to last. We are proud of our work and will show off by showing you another digital photo of it when we have finished. Of course you can also use the photo to check we've done things properly, feel free to ask questions. 

A new flat roof, laid by Nicholson Roofing

A new flat roof, laid by Nicholson Roofing

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