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Roof emergencies are stressful! It doesn’t matter what the cause or resulting issue is. Fallen tiles, chimneys, wet walls, roof leaks, roof holes? Whatever the roof problem is, it is important to sort it out quickly rather than let it fester and cause more damage to the building.

Call us and we’ll do our very best to fix the problem straight away. If this really isn’t possible, we’ll get you a quick temporary solution and then a permanent on as soon as is possible

Note that there are times when the roof isn’t at fault at all. For example, it could be condensation. If you’re in are area we’ll be happy to check it out free of charge.


We aim to make the whole process as stress free as possible for our customers. Firstly, we’ll try to fix the problem straight away. If this is not possible, we’ll aim to help make the situation weatherproof.

As soon as we can, we’ll assess the damage and provide a quote for either a temporary fix or long term repair. We know that roof issues need to be sorted out quickly! Our aim is to provide a quality, long-term solution as quickly as possible at a reasonable price.

Repaired roof where a leak had appeared

Steve was very polite and punctual.He repaired the roof in quick time and had previously climbed onto the roof despite the pouring rain in order to assess the damage to give a quote.



It is not always clear if water is coming in through the roof, or anywhere roof related. If you’re unsure, especially in an emergency, call us and we can help assess the situation.

If you’d like to do some quick checks yourself, here are some things to look for when checking for the cause of water leaks are:

  • Check the attic, is there any sign of water in there? If so has it come from the roof (there maybe water pipes up there that might leak)? This is best checked after its rained.
  • Can you see any part of the roof from an upstairs window (some roof parts aren’t on the top of the building, we’ve not lost it!)?If its a flat roof are there any holes or cracks? If tiled, are there tiles missing?

From outside the building:

  • Are there tiles missing from the roof?
  • Is the fashia intact.
  • Has any concrete fallen off the roof?
  • Is the flashing around the chimney or elsewhere intact. The flashing is the material that sits between the chimney and the roof.

If the above checks don’t show a problem, call us. We might need to get up onto the roof to see the cause or it could be an issue that isn’t immediately obvious.


We can provide you with digital photos of damage, both before and after both our temporary and permanent fix.

The photos will show you exactly what work we are quoting for, help us explain what needs doing and why and will also show you what a brilliant job we’ve done!


Every roof, or at least most, are different. The cost of repairs will also vary.

We can often give an estimated cost from a photo of your roof (presuming we can see the issue!). This can increase our response time.

We do aim to do repairs as  quichly as we can.

As with any other trade, the cost depends upon the materials and our time. 

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Attic window - slate tiles and leadwork installed by Nicholson Roofing