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Nicholson Roofing are a friendly, professional roof  company who will meet all of your needs.

  • We deliver quality roof solutions that are made to last.  
  • We pride ourselves in our customer service. 
  • We are always happy to discuss your roofing needs, no matter how small they happen to be.  
  • We are happy to inspect your roof and provide a quote for any work you need. 
  • We do not charge for quotes, even if we think you do not need any work. 
  • We will be very clear about what work (if any!) your roof needs doing straight away, and what can wait.  
  • All quotes are no obligation, please do get other quotes to compare ours with. 

Feel free to call us - just  for a chat. We really do like to talk about roofs! Call us if you're not sure about anything - chimney, fascia, gutter or any other roof needs or concerns.

Our values are:

Customer service; Reliability; Respect; Supporting our community. 

We are fully qualified and insured. All work is guaranteed


The picture shows Steve, our MD, not working on a roof for a change. He's doing some leadwork around a window.

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